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Common Sense & Purposeful Present The Truth About Tech: How Tech Keeps Kids Hooked

Join Purposeful & Common Sense Media to learn about how to keep kids safe and healthy in the digital age. Register here.

Kids and adults feel addicted to their technology -- and it's no wonder: Every day, we're bombarded with virtual notifications, autoplay, feedback loops of likes and follows, and other tactics designed to keep us all glued to our devices. It's called digital manipulation, and it's on the rise. Educators and health professionals are increasingly concerned about technology's overwhelming presence in our daily lives, so how can parents do their part? 

Join Common Sense to learn about how to use our devices more intentionally, avoid the risks of constant connectivity, and focus on being great digital role models for our kids.

Featured Speakers 

Giancarlo Pitocco, Founder of Purposeful Digital Wellbeing

Tali Horowitz, New York Education Director, Common Sense

Moderated by

Samira Sine, New York Director, Common Sense


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