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Parenting in the Smartphone Age: An Online Seminar

— O N L I N E S E M I N A R —

Parenting in the Smartphone Age

Monday, October 7, 2019

7:00-8:00pm US Eastern Time

A new school year has begun, and we're dealing with the challenges of living well in an age of constant digital distraction. Smartphones, tablets, and digital media have a powerful effect on the wellbeing of our kids and ourselves. It's urgent and important that we take the right steps to safeguard our homes and families so that technology is being used to support our true needs, values, and aspirations, rather than letting technology set the agenda for our lives together.

Based on Purposeful's Digital Wellbeing Method for Families, Purposeful's Founder and CEO, Giancarlo Pitocco, will share the seven essential steps you should take to create a healthy relationship with technology for you and your family. We'll go from insights to action in the span of just one hour. It's a great first step towards finding balance in the digital age.

About the Host:

Giancarlo Pitocco, Founder, CEO of Purposeful Digital Wellbeing

Giancarlo Pitocco is a speaker, facilitator, and social impact entrepreneur focused on solutions to the public health crisis left in the wake of Silicon Valley’s “growth at all costs” mindset. Through Purposeful, Giancarlo is transforming our relationships to technology by cultivating connection to our values, needs, aspirations, and each other.

Tapping into over 15 years of experience studying the influence of technology on our psychology, Giancarlo designs workshops that help leaders, educators, and communities transform their relationships to technology to align to their needs, aspirations, and well-being.

Based in New York City, Giancarlo left a career working for Facebook, Instagram, Apple and the world’s largest ad agencies to found Purposeful. Purposeful is a digital well-being practice with a mission to liberate our creative intelligence from distractive technology.

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