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Bringing Digital Wellbeing to Harlem

This Fall we launched our digital wellbeing pilot program for NY public schools. Here's a photo from our latest workshop for an auditorium full of engaged parents and educators in Harlem.

We led a workshop about “Raising Kids in the Age of Digital Distraction.” The most rewarding part? Hearing from the parents and educators at the end. They were ready to take the steps necessary to create a healthier relationship with distractive digital tech!

“You showed me a better way to live.”

“This was incredibly valuable.”

“Your talk totally opened my eyes to all the ways I’m letting my tech hold me and my kids back.”

“I’m inspired to try all the things you suggested. I’m gonna do it!”

“This was the wake up call I needed for me and my kids!”

“This is gonna change my family’s life! So valuable, thank you!”

“All of our teachers, principles, and parents need to see this.”

Want to bring our programs to your community? Get in touch.


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