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Parenting in the Smartphone Age: An online Digital Wellbeing seminar

Today we had parents and caring adults from across the country join our online seminar, Parenting in the Smartphone Age. We covered insights into the digital wellbeing health crisis we're currently facing, and explored the Purposeful Seven Step Method for cultivating wellbeing for yourself, your family, and your community:

  1. NOTICE how your you and your family are investing your time/attention

  2. IDENTIFY the unconscious habits that leave you feeling less than great.

  3. SPECIFY the values that represent a positive shift towards habits you wish to cultivate instead.

  4. ENVISION a plan of action for practicing those values in everyday life.

  5. ACT on your plan. Trial and optimization. Practice creates healthy habits.

  6. ENROLL your spouse and your children in the process and creation of boundaries.

  7. ALIGN on healthy norms with your community and support each other in the process.

It was a powerful session based on insights from parents, educators, and mental health professionals we've worked with at the forefront of this issue. We're so excited to be sharing this with you.

Join our next online session so you can learn how to take healthy action for yourself and your family in the age of distractive technology.


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