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Parenting in the Age of Technology

My chief concern when it comes to the issue of the digital attention and mental health crisis facing us today is preparing the next generation to be undistractible. With a focus on teaching the teachers of k-12 schools, I've made my digital well-being programs available to public schools at no charge every time a company or private organization brings a Purposeful digital well-being program for themselves.

This is a topic we must strive to create full awareness and education on at the grassroots level. That's why I'm hosting a discussion with acclaimed psychologist Teodora Pavkovic this coming Monday evening 4/29 at the monthly Center for Humane Technology NYC meetup at Betaworks Studios.

We'll be talking about parenting in the age of technology. Whether we have kids, work with kids, or know people who do, this is one of the most important topics for us to understand at the center of the digital attention crisis we're in the midst of.

I hope you'll join us there.

Parenting in the Age of Technology:

A discussion with Teodora Pavkovic & Giancarlo Pitocco.

Monday 4/29 from 7-9pm

Betaworks Studios, 29 Little West 12th Street


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