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June 2019 Updates

This month we're heads down on new projects and expanding our digital wellbeing curriculum to bring to even more organizations, but at the end of the month we're headed to Los Angeles! We'll be meeting with collaborators, leading some workshops for teams, and hosting a public digital wellbeing seminar at The Den Meditation Center in La Brea!

Join us on Friday June 28th for powerful collaborative session between Purposeful and The Heartrise Movement. Our seminar, Reigniting Connection in the Age of Distraction, will combine digital wellbeing techniques with meditation to help you cultivate greater presence, tap into your intuition, and purposeful design the kind of life you want to be living. Reserve your spot here.

Our founder, Giancarlo Pitocco, will be hosting this session with Jessie May Wolfe, creator of the Heartrise Meditation Method. This even is the follow-up to their collaboration earlier this month at The Assemblage in New York City. That seminar, Heart & Purpose in the Age of Distraction, packed the Great Hall of The Assemblage with parents, professionals, teachers, and wellness practitioners who were eager to learn more about living a life in-balance with digital technology.


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